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FAQ: How do I become a member?

Proceed to the member application form. If you are already a member click 'Members' on the menu at the top and fill-in your username and password. After you have completed the application form (information on bold type is mandatory) we will e-mail you to notify you when your account has been accepted by one of our administrators.

After you fill in the application form (please fill out as much information as possible for our private records) you may preview your profile as it will appear online prior to accepting your profile. This is the information that will be available online for review by organizations or other members who would be interested in your skills. You will receive a confidential member identification that will be your only identifier online. Should an organization or other member wish to contact you they will have to e-mail you (if your e-mail address is visible to others in your profile) or if you wish, all contacts will be made through IHVO once per month to your e-mail or faxed directly to you. This assures the privacy and confidentiality of all users online.


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